December 4, 2023

Unlock the Power of Convenience with a Kiosk for Self Storage

A blue kiosk in a self storage facility

Imagine a world where renting a storage unit is as easy as buying a movie ticket from a kiosk for self storage. No more waiting in line, no more limited office hours, and no more hassle. That world is here, thanks to self-storage kiosks. These innovative machines are revolutionizing the self-storage industry, providing customers with the convenience, speed, and accessibility they desire while streamlining operations for facility owners. In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of kiosk for self storage and how they can unlock the power of convenience for your storage facility.

Key Takeaways

  • Self-storage kiosks are revolutionizing the self storage industry by automating operations and providing customers with an efficient, convenient rental experience.
  • Kiosks enable facilities to increase revenue through automated rentals, payments and upselling of additional services while enhancing customer experience.
  • When selecting a kiosk provider it is important to consider factors such as functionality, flexibility, cost and communication for successful implementation & maintenance.

Revolutionizing Self-Storage with Kiosks

A kiosk in a self storage facility

Self-storage kiosks have transformed the way customers interact with storage facilities. Gone are the days of waiting in line to rent a unit or make a payment. With self-storage kiosks, customers can independently rent and manage their storage units, while facility owners can optimize their operations and enhance their customer experience.

From the rise of automated self-storage to meeting customer expectations, self-storage kiosks are truly revolutionizing the self storage industry.

The Rise of Automated Self Storage

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for self-storage, with consumers and businesses adapting to working from home and shifting to a remote work model. As a result, many storage facilities have embraced automation to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and address staffing shortage issues.

High-volume operators are now taking advantage of KIOSK Information Systems to benefit from cutting-edge payment and rental hardware, coupled with specialized software tailored to their property inventory and rental/payment customer experience.

Meeting Customer Expectations

With an increasing number of storage facilities available, it’s more important than ever for facility owners to differentiate their services. Self-storage kiosks offer customers the convenience, swiftness, and availability they desire, while optimizing operations for facility owners. From on-demand video support to seamless rental processes, self-storage kiosks cater to modern customer expectations and help facilities stay ahead of the competition.

Key Features of Self Storage Kiosks

A kiosk with a card reader and in a self storage facility

Self-storage kiosks come with a range of essential features designed to provide a seamless experience to customers and facility owners alike. These features include a user-friendly interface for renting units, processing payments, and accessing customer support.

We will now examine key features of self-storage kiosks, including the seamless renting process, 24/7 access and support, and advanced security measures.

Seamless Renting Process

Kiosks simplify the renting process for customers by providing user-friendly interfaces and seamless transactions. Customers can easily rent units by:

  • Selecting their desired storage unit
  • Providing personal information
  • Choosing rental duration
  • Making payments
  • Signing the rental agreement

All through the kiosk.

Moreover, self-storage kiosks offer customers various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, mobile payments, cash, and checks, ensuring a secure and convenient experience.

24/7 Access and Support

One of the key benefits of self-storage kiosks is their round-the-clock accessibility, ensuring customer satisfaction and convenience. OpenTech Alliance’s self-storage kiosks, for example, provide tenants with the ability to video chat with a live person during any stage of the rental process.

Offering 24/7 access and support, self-storage kiosks cater to the needs of self storage customers with busy schedules.

Advanced Security Measures

Kiosks offer advanced security features to protect both customers and facility owners. They utilize various identity verification methods, such as:

  • Facial recognition technology
  • Biometrics data input
  • License scanner or camera
  • Touchless identity verification

Additionally, they ensure secure payment gateways, allowing customers to make payments conveniently and securely.

Advanced security measures offered by self-storage kiosks provide an extra layer of protection for both customers and facility owners.

Tailoring Kiosk Solutions to Your Facility

Each self-storage facility has unique needs, and kiosk solutions can be customized to fit those requirements. From indoor and outdoor options to integration with management software, it’s important to select a suitable kiosk solution that aligns with your facility’s particular needs.

We will now discuss the different indoor and outdoor options available and the process of integrating kiosks with management software.

Indoor and Outdoor Options

Kiosk providers offer a variety of kiosk models suitable for indoor or outdoor use, designed to suit different facility requirements. Indoor kiosks, for example, provide increased flexibility in placement and the option of freestanding or countertop units. They also offer quick access to superior customer service for tasks like renting a unit or making a payment.

Outdoor kiosks, on the other hand, provide the convenience of contactless self-service and the ability to rent a storage unit, make payments, and purchase moving supplies.

Integrating Kiosks with Management Software

Kiosks can be easily integrated with existing management software for a seamless self-storage experience. This allows for self-service rentals, payments, and other transactions, freeing up manager time and enabling employees to focus on other tasks.

Furthermore, integrating kiosks with management software enables real-time facility management, enhanced storage space management, and improved customer service for facility managers.

Boosting Business with Kiosks

A woman using a kiosk in a self storage facility.

Implementing kiosks in self-storage facilities can lead to numerous benefits, including increased revenue, enhanced customer experience, and a competitive edge. By staying ahead of industry trends and meeting customer demands, self-storage facilities with kiosks can gain a significant advantage in the market.

We will now discuss how kiosks can increase revenue opportunities, enhance the customer experience, and provide a competitive advantage to self-storage facilities.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Kiosks provide additional revenue opportunities through automated rentals, payments, and upselling. For example, self-storage kiosks can offer:

  • Insurance coverage for stored items
  • Packing and moving supplies
  • Larger storage units
  • Additional services such as truck rentals or professional cleaning services

Capitalizing on these revenue-generating opportunities allows self-storage facilities to enhance their profitability and attract more customers.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Kiosks improve the overall customer experience by offering convenience, speed, and personalized service. Customers can easily access the kiosk, select their desired storage unit, and finish the rental process in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, self-service kiosks enable fast and straightforward rental transactions, minimizing wait times and simplifying the process for customers, making the self service kiosk a valuable addition to any business.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Self-storage facilities with kiosks gain a competitive advantage by staying ahead of industry trends and meeting customer demands. By offering 24/7 access, streamlined rental processes, and advanced security features, kiosk-equipped self-storage facilities can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract more customers.

In a swiftly changing industry, maintaining a competitive edge is key to success, and utilizing effective marketing tools can make a difference.

Real-Life Success Stories

A photo of a self storage kiosk with a happy customer using it.

Infinite Self Storage is an exemplary success story of self-storage facilities utilizing kiosk technology. After installing four self-service kiosks, the facility experienced 40 rentals within the first month. This increase in rentals not only generated higher revenue but also demonstrated the value of kiosk technology in attracting customers and streamlining operations.

Another example is a self-storage facility that implemented kiosk technology and saw a remarkable 35% improvement in payment speed. This increase in efficiency led to higher customer satisfaction and ultimately, a more profitable business.

These success stories highlight the potential benefits of implementing self-storage kiosks in your facility. By offering convenience, efficiency, and advanced features, kiosks can help you stay ahead of industry trends and boost your bottom line.

Choosing the Right Kiosk Provider

A customer talking to a facility manager in a self storage facility

Selecting the right kiosk provider is essential for a successful implementation and ongoing maintenance. When evaluating potential providers, consider factors such as:

  • functionality
  • flexibility
  • experience
  • cost
  • communication

We will now focus on evaluating kiosk features and functionality, as well as assessing provider support and services.

Evaluating Kiosk Features and Functionality

To ensure your self-storage kiosk aligns with your facility’s needs, you must evaluate its features and functionality. Consider aspects such as:

  • The ability to make rentals
  • Take payments
  • Verify customer identity
  • Provide a user-friendly interface

Additionally, take into account the physical needs and unique requirements of your self-storage operation to select the best kiosk model for your facility.

Assessing Provider Support and Services

A successful implementation and ongoing maintenance of your self-storage kiosk rely heavily on the support and services provided by the kiosk provider. Assess the level of responsiveness to technical issues, availability of maintenance services, and the quality of customer support offered by potential providers.

Choosing a provider that offers comprehensive support and services can guarantee a smooth implementation and ongoing success with your self-storage kiosk.


Self-storage kiosks have revolutionized the industry by providing convenience, speed, and accessibility to customers while streamlining operations for facility owners. By implementing kiosk technology, self-storage facilities can stay ahead of industry trends, meet customer demands, and gain a competitive advantage. As seen through real-life success stories, the benefits of self-storage kiosks are substantial, leading to increased revenue, enhanced customer experience, and overall business growth.

Embrace the future of the self-storage industry by investing in kiosk technology. Unlock the power of convenience and elevate your facility to new heights of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for storage?

For a 5x5 unit, expect to pay around $90/month, 10x10 around $160/month, and 10x30 around $290/month. Many storage companies offer great introductory rates, so don't miss out!

How do you automate a storage unit?

Automating a storage unit can be achieved by offering online payments and enabling Autopay, utilizing digital documents, installing a self-service kiosk, creating a website, offering self-service reservations, using a software based access control system, and automating communication channels.

What is the latest you can pay Public Storage?

Payment for your Public Storage unit is due on the first day of the month; a late fee will go into effect seven days after your missed payment.

Can you pay Public Storage over the phone?

Yes, you can pay your Public Storage bill over the phone by calling 1-866-444-4747.

What is the primary advantage of self-storage kiosks?

The primary advantage of self-storage kiosks is their ability to provide convenience and flexibility through 24/7 access and support.

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